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About Super Axe Boy

Super Axe Boy is a stirring platform game that combines awesome 2D and 3D gameplay, memorable characters and a unique graphical aesthetic. It’s old-school challenging platform fun mixed with modern sleek game design. It’s everything we love about the classics like Mega Man and Mario, combined with the possibilities of modern gaming.


The game is currently in early development. Get a glimpse of the game from our earlier Kickstarter campaign trailer! Stay tuned for more information regarding the game’s release.

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Who is making this game?

Matthias Falk

Hi, my name is Matthias Falk. I am an independent game developer from Germany. Since the day I jumped my first Goomba in Mario, I have developed a deep love for video games. Over the last 2 years, I have already published two games for iOS as side projects. My 2nd game “Super Obstacle Boy” was featured in several leading mobile gaming sites and has found a small cult following among players.

I am deeply in love with games and with Super Axe Boy I want to create a unique platform game experience that will both remind us about the things that we have come to love about those games and that have defined our generation and at the same time creating a fresh and unique experience you have never seen before.


What is the current status of the game?

Super Axe Boy has finished its pre-production stage. The game design is written, the main character and core gameplay elements are done, the story is outlined and the game is running smoothly in its game engine already.

The game’s video trailer has been captured fully and with no alterations in the game’s engine, thus serving as a proof-of-concept of the game’s technology and gameplay mechanics.

As a next step, graphical (enemies, game objects, levels) and audio assets need to be created, in order to finish the game. This process takes time and money for which a 2nd Kickstarter campaign will be necessary, targeted for Spring 2016. In the meantime, a playable multi-level demo will be released. Stay tuned for more information!


Which platforms will Super Axe Boy be released on?

The game’S funding goal of 25’000 EUR aims for a release on computer platforms (Mac/Linux/PC). However, there exist stretch goals that contain further versions for PS4, XBox One and Wii U for a total of 60’000 EUR.


How can I help this project?

You can go to our share page and spread the word about the game with your friends and colleagues.


Want to write something about Super Axe Boy?

Cool. Find here our handy press kit.


More questions?

Shoot me an email anytime!


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